Hugh is a Director of Photography both underwater and topside with over 25 years experience. He has extensive experience shooting Commercials,TV Drama, Feature Films, and Pop Promos. He has filmed in forty three countries at the last count and has recently returned from filming for Discovery 'Shark Week' in the US, Mexico and The Bahamas with his remarkable REDSEE underwater housing for the Phantom Gold, (which also houses the RED One, RED Epic and Arri Alexa).

Hugh is passionate about capturing outstanding images, and he is constantly striving for perfection. He is experienced in RED, HD, Phantom Gold Hi Speed cameras, 35mm and 16mm film production, minicams and remote heads.

Hugh works on enormously diverse projects, from Feature Films and Commercials to TV Drama and Documentaries.

Below is a selection clips from previous shoots.


The REDSEE is a fully featured underwater camera housing for RED Epic, Arri Alexa, Phantom Gold and Phantom Flex Hi Speed Cameras. It is unique in that it supports multiple camera platforms all in the one housing.

Working with Panavision UK, Hugh Fairs has further developed the revolutionary REDSEE underwater housing to accommodate, both full remote control on a jib or crane arm, or free swimming without tether to the surface. Depth rated to 150 feet, no other underwater camera housing comes close in it's flexibility, technical features and robustness.

The REDSEE housing can be used with both Dome and Flat ports, and supports Cooke S4, Zeiss and Panavision Primo prime lenses.

To learn more about the remarkable REDSEE housing, please click here

Aspirin a day cuts threat of common breast cancer Researchers in the U.

The study is released in BioMed Central’s open-access journal Breasts Cancer Research.. Aspirin a day cuts threat of common breast cancer Researchers in the U.S. Say an aspirin a full day may afford females some protection against the most typical type of breast cancer, estrogen receptor or ER-positive breast tumor. The researchers from the National Cancer Institute, which is section of the National Institutes of Health, have found that females who required aspirin daily cut their risk of developing this type of breast tumor by 16 %. Earlier research has indicated that the regular usage of aspirin might reduce the threat of ER-positive breast cancer, which account for around three quarters of all breast cancer cases. Continue reading

Anxiety disorders associated with higher threat of cardiovascular occasions.

Related StoriesPre-clinical study demonstrates results of advanced prebiotic on neuro-inflammation, anxietyAnxiety connected with poor asthma outcomesHeart disease becomes the main killer of women in Norway’This leaves the query of why generalized anxiety disorder is connected with adverse outcomes in patients with cardiovascular system disease,’ the authors write. Anxiety might be associated with surges in catecholamines, ‘fight or flight’ hormones which may be linked to heart dangers, they suggest. Continue reading

Breast cancer stages Breast cancer is divided into five stages.

When the cancerous cells are included in the duct still, it is diagnosed as DCIS. This can only be dependant on a pathologist doctor looking at the tissue under a microscope. Generally, when the DCIS lesion is definitely small, you don’t have to suspect cancer pass on outside the breast. Stage 1 is infiltrating or invasive cancer. Here, the cancer cells have broken through the duct wall and are found beyond your ducts as well. In this case, doctors need to determine whether the cancer has pass on to the lymph nodes. Continue reading

Online July 23 In a mouse study released.

It could have potentially major scientific implications. The thrombosis research builds upon previous function by Sullenger and his group, which demonstrated that the substances called nucleic acid-binding NABPs or polymers, such as PAMAM G-3, possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. Function published this past year by Sullenger’s laboratory demonstrated the polymer’s potential to interrupt the inflammatory response this is the hallmark of auto-immune disorders such as for example lupus and multiple sclerosis. Continue reading

Bites and Scratches Animal scratches and bites www.meldonium.org.

Bites and Scratches Animal scratches and bites, even minor ones, can result in complications sometimes. Whether the pet is a family group pet or a creature from the crazy, bites and scrapes can carry disease www.meldonium.org . Some bites, those from cats especially, may become infected by bacterias from the animal’s mouth area. And cat scratch disease, a infection, could be transmitted by a cat scratch actually if the website of the scratch doesn’t look contaminated. Certain pets — such as for example bats, raccoons, and foxes — can transmit rabies. Kids whose tetanus pictures aren’t up to day will need a go after an pet bite to avoid tetanus infection. How to proceed: If the scratch or bite wound is bleeding, apply pressure to the particular area with a clean bandage or towel before bleeding stops. Continue reading

All people of the Royal Australasian University of Physicians.

The RACP says absolute degrees of harm due to alcoholic beverages in Australia today are unacceptable, particularly among teenagers – around 3494 Australians passed away in the 2004-05 monetary year because of the alcohol usage – costing Australians with regards to alcohol-related wellness harms, lost efficiency, and crime in 2004-05 just as much as $15.3 billion. Related StoriesReducing premature deaths from noncommunicable illnesses: an interview with Dr Shanthi Mendis, WHODeaths from avoidable risk elements: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHMECountering Ebola misinformation: an interview with Dr Katie Geary, International SOS In 2003, around 3.2 percent of the full total burden of disease and injury in Australia was due to alcohol. In 2007, 37.4 percent of men and 41.2 percent of females aged 14-19 years reported consuming alcohol at a rate that placed them vulnerable to short-term damage previously year. Continue reading

Of training course.

I ask: How do We the People stand a opportunity against runaway tyranny if not really for the help of the faceless, nameless, anonymous defenders of justice who put their own freedom at risk to expose the truth that no-one else will? Funding the revolution against designed poisonBy the way, with regards to public justice, I’m also taking decisive actions to expose the reality about Monsanto and its own destructive technologies. Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology needs additional funding to finish the editing of a powerful film about GMOs. This film, once finished, will blow the lid off the GMO cover-up and could in fact finally change the tides against GMOs forever. Continue reading

Related StoriesBronchial thermoplasty for severe asthma: an interview with Dr.

Consultant neonatolgist Michael Munro appeared prior to the General Medical Council in the united kingdom over accusations that his decision to give 23 times the typical amount of a muscles relaxant to two terminally ill infants was inappropriate. Dr. Munro, 41, got admitted administering the drugs at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital to hasten the deaths of two dying babies – he gave them shots of a paralysing drug. Related StoriesBronchial thermoplasty for severe asthma: an interview with Dr. Rob NivenProtein sensor for proprioception foundUsing the butterfly impact to predict heart disease: an interview with Dr George and Dr Parthimos, Cardiff UniversityThe parents of the babies were alert to what he was performing, and that it would relieve their suffering but also comprehended it could also hasten their deaths and they gave their consent. Continue reading

The insights obtained could bring about new therapies to take care of multi-resistant bacteria.

Biochemists determine atomic framework of new ABC transporter Proteins owned by the good sized and important category of ABC transporters have already been connected with metabolic diseases and will cause level of resistance to antibiotics www.femalegra.org . Biochemists from the University of Zurich and the NCCR Structural Biology have got succeeded in identifying the atomic framework of a fresh ABC transporter. The insights obtained could bring about new therapies to take care of multi-resistant bacteria, cystic gout or fibrosis, for instance. ABC transporters are membrane proteins that actively pump an abundance of molecules over the membrane. Continue reading

Cohera Medical announces treatment of initial patient in TissuGlu study Cohera Medical Inc.

‘Our transition into the clinical development stage brings us closer to helping plastic surgeons to address a crucial unmet want and improve patient treatment,’ said Patrick Daly, president and chief executive officer of Cohera Medical. ‘Furthermore, the market opportunity for our firm with TissuGlu is quite significant, ranging between $500 million and $750 million from 2011 to 2015. In the event that you add the excess applications such as for example facelift, breast reconstruction and body contouring that we will pursue with TissuGlu, the opportunity increases to between $700 million to a lot more than $1 billion over the same five-yr period.’ Chad Coberly, J.D., vice president of scientific, regulatory and legal affairs of Cohera Medical, added: ‘Initiation of this research culminates significant preclinical function by our firm and investigators and demonstrates the principal safety profile of the product. Continue reading