Close families raise more independent adults Youre already 25 and you still live with your parents.

‘The research found that pursuing adolescence, the familial connection is an important factor in forming one’s identification and living an independent life. It appears that not only can independence and closeness exist together, however they actually flourish together,’ summarized Dr. Yanir.. Close families raise more independent adults You’re already 25 and you still live with your parents. You’re 26 and you still bring your laundry take home food from your own mother. Don’t worry; new study at the University of Haifa found that, contrary to common belief, young adults who maintain a close or moderate relationship with their parents exhibit better independence in their personal lives than those people who have a distant romantic relationship. In her research, Dr. Irit Yanir evaluated how a parent-child relationship is linked to one’s capability to fulfill society’s goals with regards to settling down and establishing a romantic relationship.He advises women presently seeking mammography to ensure that the service and its employees meet FDA requirements and to inquire about the experience of the radiologists on staff. The report is released in the May issue of the journal Radiology.

China encourages poultry trade despite bird flu scare Despite as much as 30 outbreaks of bird flu this year, China is urging local governments to guarantee the survival of the poultry trade. Chinese officials have culled more than 20 million birds after outbreaks in more than 10 provinces and have banned poultry exports from areas hit by the H5N1 stress deadly to human beings until after quarantines are lifted. Related StoriesGet your flu shot before fall festivities, says Loyola infectious disease specialistHigh dose flu vaccines significantly decrease hospitalization risk during influenza seasonTaking methods to prevent, protect against fluBut according to reports some regional governments have restricted the motion of healthy poultry items.