The deal, which is likely to become dilutive to 2015 GAAP EPS by around $0.12, with minimal dilution to non-GAAP EPS in both 2015 and 2016, has been approved simply by the boards of directors of both ongoing companies. CXL-1427 releases nitroxyl, a molecule that has demonstrated beneficial effects on heart muscle mass and vascular function. Pre-clinical and early medical data indicate that CXL-1427 improves the way the heart muscle contracts and relaxes without increasing heart rate or the demand for oxygen.Alone and approximately 150, 000 amputations performed yearly, inventor and American board-qualified prosthetist John E. Rooney created a custom-made ankle-feet orthosis with the trade name Ulcer Curing Orthosis or UHO. The U.S. Patented device really helps to support the lower foot and leg, reducing mechanical stress on the bottom of the ulcerated foot. This allows blood circulation to the ulceration, encouraging healing to continue while walking. The existing standard of care is definitely for the diabetic to stay off there feet and allow healing that occurs; however, many patients cannot stay off their ft and must walk, damaging the unprotected foot and causing further ulceration, which in many cases leads to amputation and infection.