California Rulings: State can cut Medi-Cal benefits however.

In other California news, The Schwarzenegger administration has rejected a plan made to end years of litigation over inmate medical care in California’s prison program, The Associated Press reports. In a letter obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, Corrections Secretary Matthew Cate tells a court-appointed receiver that the condition cannot spend the money for $1.9 billion fix Cate decided to last month. In 2007, Schwarzenegger signed legislation to provide $8 billion for prison construction, including $1 billion dedicated to healthcare improvements. And the federal government courts, that have ruled the care in California prisons is so poor that it violates inmates’ civil rights, have threatened to take money directly from the condition treasury to repair the system.The amendments adopted today represent important actions to clarify and fortify the heat illness avoidance standard, said Cal/OSHA Chief Len Welsh. Beneath the leadership of Governor Schwarzenegger, in 2005, California became the first condition in the nation to build up a safety and wellness regulation to safeguard workers from heat disease. Labor Code Section 3395 went into impact in 2006.

China Sky 1 Medical passes the ICPBP examination for just two of its services China Sky One Medical, Inc. , a respected fully integrated pharmaceutical firm developing and generating over-the-counter medications in the People’s Republic of China , today announced that the Company recently approved the Chinese National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products examination for two of its new products: its Diagnostic Package for Human Prostate Particular Antigen and its Determination Package for Luteinizing Hormone .