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But some cafeterias in the Brooklyn area are still using butter, which has prompted a regional college food manager to send out a scathing email to officials overseeing 25 local universities. In this grammatically-incorrect email, the unnamed manager needs to know why some kitchen managers are still ordering butter. The e-mail also contains an attachment entitled ‘Extra Butter Ordering Statement’ that points out specific kitchen managers who purchased between $74 and $148 worth of butter.Ladies with a lesser body weight were more likely to develop osteoporosis, having a two-fold higher risk when a BMI was got by them of <22.5 kg/m2. The results support those of earlier research that showed that treatment with aromatase inhibitors could trigger the advancement of osteoporosis and cardiovascular illnesses in breast malignancy survivors. These inhibitors are generally used to avoid the reoccurrence of breast cancer in postmenopausal ladies. Obi's research group advised that the follow-up health care that breast cancers survivors receive should include screening for any treatment-related health complications.