Belgium GZA Medical center Group implements AeroScouts Heat range Monitoring solution AeroScout.

Belgium GZA Medical center Group implements AeroScout’s Heat range Monitoring solution AeroScout, the leading company of Unified Asset Presence for the healthcare market, today announced that the GasthuisZusters Antwerpen Medical center Group in Belgium provides implemented AeroScout’s Temperatures Monitoring solution throughout its 3 hospitals. GZA Medical center Group is certainly using the Wi-Fi RFID remedy to monitor and manage the temp in refrigerators which contain critical items, such as for example pharmaceuticals and blood.‘The key point is usually that in a model organism we can test how good our predictions are. We have a much better idea of the genes that are important for each process, therefore we can really check whether we are able to make useful predictions about the biology of individuals, such as whether a drug’ impacts them, says Ben Lehner, coordinator of the study and ICREA Study Professor at the CRG.’ The researchers evaluated predictions about the phenotypes of 19 types of yeast . The first problem faced was to determine which of the approximately 3000 mutated genes in each individual are in fact altered in function.