As the federal government seems to prefer.

Add iodine into the mix and we have four super-hero medicines that when used jointly combine to form a protocol that functions on the deepest degrees of physiology to effect healing and health. Put in a few more items like high-dose supplement C, natural chelators, and superfoods and we’ve a robust anticancer protocol already. Marijuana is actually useful for many more disorders than most doctors and the federal government realize. Not only is it a front-range medicinal for radiation exposure and cancer also for diabetes and a host of neurological conditions.Mott Children’s Hospital gives the 1st data ever to statement a national decrease in chicken pox-related hospitalization occurring concurrently with the rise in immunization prices for the disease. ‘The results present an annual cost savings of $100 million since the varicella, or poultry pox, vaccine was introduced, just in the cost of hospital treatment for people who have severe cases. That’s greater than the savings predicted in the vaccine’s pre-approval evaluation,’ says lead author and U-M pediatrician Matthew M.