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I’m in fact a careful optimist. I think we are able to change factors for the better through general public education. My purpose is to greatly help people understand how atrocious the pharmaceutical market is and do something to create positive changes. Obviously, we are in need of a complete new system of medication in this country. We have to hold people in charge of the crimes against humanity that are occurring at this time in the pharmaceutical sector. A number is believed by me of people, Legislators and CEOs should do a little prison period, and obviously the FDA needs low cost reform throughout in order that it can once again become an agency worried about protecting the public instead of protecting the gains of the pharmaceutical market.But simple things can be revolutionary. Many care-management systems depend on nurses seated in call centers, checking on patients over the telephone up. That model has mostly been a failure. And while many wellness systems send out a nurse in the weeks or a few months after a significant hospitalization regularly, few send one to even seemingly healthful patients regularly. This a radical redefinition of the health-care system's role in the lives of the elderly. It redefines being previous and chronically ill as a condition needing healthcare management . This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.