He assured that the Secretary of Condition sees great.

He assured that the Secretary of Condition sees great, and she believed a recent New York Magazine post detailing the different meanings of the faces she made when she was adjusting her eyeglasses was funny once she noticed it crystal clearly. CBS TODAY Clinton’s glasses correct dual eyesight after concussion Hillary Clinton wore unique eyeglasses during her testimony to Congress about the Benghazi assault because of the fall and concussion she suffer. Dr. Andrew Russman, a concussion and cerebrovascular professional from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, who is not involved in the secretary’s treatment, speculated to CBSNews.com that the eyewear Clinton is sporting contains a Fresnel prism zoom lens.PAMF shares our eyesight for a patient-centered health care system that emphasizes prevention and principal care and rewards doctors for care quality and health outcomes, said Peter B. Welch, president for Cigna in northern California. We think that a program that’s focused on value rather than volume of care supplies the best way to improved health and more affordable medical costs, which is good for individuals, families, doctors and employers. The concepts of the patient-centered medical house are the foundation of Cigna’s collaborative accountable care initiatives. Cigna builds then on that base with a strong concentrate on collaboration and communication with medical businesses.