California lake disappears overnight.

California lake disappears overnight. Stonehenge found on Mars. Substantial Hexagon on Saturn . NASA to make breakthrough Mars announcement on Monday We live in strange times, and many things are afoot that challenge our assumptions about the world . In California Recently, a whole lake vanished overnight, leaving thousands of fish flopping on dry land. From CBS Sacramento: A large number of fish lay lifeless in what utilized to end up being Mountain Meadows reservoir also called Walker Lake, a popular fishing hole just west of Susanville. The explanations for how a whole lake vanished overnight are nothing brief of ludicrous: ‘PG&E officials say no one opened up the dam up and the drinking water basically ran out,’ the tale reports.

While chemical substance manufacturers continue to argue that the amounts within such products are safe currently, California is just 1 of 12 says considering taking action to limit the chemical’s use. In April this season Canada became the first country to ban the chemical. Critics say the meals and Medication Administration in the U.S. Offers further clouded the problem by opting to use scientific studies frequently endorsed by the chemical substance market on bisphenol A’s protection, rather than peer-reviewed scientific studies. As the chemical sector manufactures 7 billion pounds of bisphenol A every year the $2.4 million spent lobbying against restricting the chemical through the first half of 2008, appears to be from their viewpoint, a justifiable expense.