Hugh is a Director of Photography both underwater and topside with over 25 years experience. He has extensive experience shooting Commercials,TV Drama, Feature Films, and Pop Promos. He has filmed in forty three countries at the last count and has recently returned from filming for Discovery 'Shark Week' in the US, Mexico and The Bahamas with his remarkable REDSEE underwater housing for the Phantom Gold, (which also houses the RED One, RED Epic and Arri Alexa).

Hugh is passionate about capturing outstanding images, and he is constantly striving for perfection. He is experienced in RED, HD, Phantom Gold Hi Speed cameras, 35mm and 16mm film production, minicams and remote heads.

Hugh works on enormously diverse projects, from Feature Films and Commercials to TV Drama and Documentaries.

Below is a selection clips from previous shoots.


The REDSEE is a fully featured underwater camera housing for RED Epic, Arri Alexa, Phantom Gold and Phantom Flex Hi Speed Cameras. It is unique in that it supports multiple camera platforms all in the one housing.

Working with Panavision UK, Hugh Fairs has further developed the revolutionary REDSEE underwater housing to accommodate, both full remote control on a jib or crane arm, or free swimming without tether to the surface. Depth rated to 150 feet, no other underwater camera housing comes close in it's flexibility, technical features and robustness.

The REDSEE housing can be used with both Dome and Flat ports, and supports Cooke S4, Zeiss and Panavision Primo prime lenses.

To learn more about the remarkable REDSEE housing, please click here

Britons finding irritated by health-reform rhetoric U.

All rights reserved.. Britons finding irritated by health-reform rhetoric U.S. Health care reform efforts garner response and attention from around the globe especially from Britain. The Washington Post reports that Britons are getting irritated by health-reform rhetoric: Sen. Edward M. Kennedy would be refused treatment for his human brain tumor in England – – at least according to 1 of the allegations lobbed at Britain’s state-funded health-care service lately by critics of President Obama’s proposed health-treatment reforms. Such claims have irked British health officials, who state they are misleading, exaggerated and sometimes just plain incorrect. The Washington Post: Complaining about Britain’s National Health Provider is a favorite pastime here. Continue reading

Breast Tumor: Symptoms.

Though all breast lumps aren’t cancerous necessarily, it is necessary to have them evaluated by a health care provider to eliminate the incidence of malignancy. Other signs of cancers is actually a lump above the collarbone or in the armpit that will not disappear completely or nipple inversion that is clearly a new development and had not been present earlier. Breasts discharge that’s bloody or only in one breasts are also trigger for concern and really should be examined by a doctor. Risk Factors for Cancer Gender, age group and hereditary factors will be the three major identifying elements for breast cancer. Gender is a crucial factor and women are in a much higher threat of developing breast malignancy than men. Continue reading

Aspen Teeth to inaugurate new office in Davenport.

The new practice, which opens on July 28 at 5270 Elmore Avenue, will provide dental providers that range between dentures and preventive care to general restoration and dentistry. The working office features digital radiography and will be offering advanced screening for oral cancer. The Aspen Dentist team in Davenport is certainly led by Scott E. Hansen, DDS, who brings 20 years of encounter to the Davenport community. He earned his level at the University of Iowa’s University of Dentistry in 1991 and was awarded the Dean’s Leadership Award. Related StoriesResearchers identify molecular change that can convert unhealthy white fat into energy-burning brown fatIntroduction of Ebola treatment beds decreases large numbers of deaths, Ebola instances in Sierra LeoneWorld Vision's FOR EACH Child campaign impacts lives greater than 22 million people worldwideAt this new Aspen Oral location, patients will love: Personalized treatment. Continue reading

Increased participation in worldwide.

Estimates claim that one in 1000 adults in high-income countries are survivors of childhood cancers, and 40 percent of the survivors experience adverse effects throughout life.?.. Child cancer survival price progress threatened by lack of new drug development Amazing improvements in survival from childhood cancer have taken place in high – income countries in the last 50 years, but further progress has been threatened by rigid research regulations and insufficient development of new drugs increasingly, according to a major new Lancet Oncology Series about improving cancer care for children and teenagers. Continue reading

CHOP experts delay symptoms.

The experts delivered the virus once at 90 days of age. The specific cells secreted the enzyme encoded by the gene in to the cerebrospinal liquid around the mind for the weeks that followed the one-period treatment. The enzyme spread through the entire canines' brains, and the researchers measured proof its expression in cerebrospinal fluid for months. The canines showed striking medical improvements. Compared to untreated control canines affected by the condition, the treated dogs walked with a far more regular gait, navigated a maze, and better interacted with additional dogs. Although the dogs were not cured, their disease progression and cognitive decline had been slowed, plus they had lifespans longer. If this gene treatment approach can perform comparable results in kids, said Davidson, it would improve their standard of living greatly. Continue reading

Best diet: High proteins and low good carbs By Dr Ananya Mandal.

David Ludwig, the director of the perfect Weight forever Program at Children’s Medical center Boston said slimming down on the short-term is simpler than maintaining it as time passes. Ludwig co-authored an editorial accompanying the scholarly research. Or simply noticing that these were doing better. He stated this may be an easy diet plan to check out. Nutrition researchers possess not really reached a consensus about how exactly much proteins and glycemic index matter for pounds loss and fat control. Among kids in the scholarly research high-protein, low-glycemic-index food intake reduced the 46 percent over weight children to 39 percent in half a year. These outcomes were released this month in the journal Pediatrics.. Best diet: High proteins and low good carbs By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Several European researchers have discovered that eating more proteins and fewer refined carbohydrates really helps to stay within normal fat. Continue reading

Andrea Herrera-Gayol.

Mario C. Filion, and Dr. Andrea Herrera-Gayol. Dr. Nigel C. Phillips, Chief Scientific Officer for Bioniche Existence Sciences Inc. Mentioned, ‘This patent consolidates our oligonucleotide patent portfolio. These oligonucleotides constitute a fresh composition family members that enhances our capability to develop effective remedies for oncology indications. Bioniche has technology platforms predicated on mycobacterial cell wall space now, unmodified oligonucleotides and altered oligonucleotides which have immune stimulant and anticancer activity. Bioniche is able to develop effective remedies for cancers using these exclusive and complementary technology systems.’ Related StoriesMeat-rich diet plan may increase kidney cancers riskCrucial change in solitary DNA base predisposes kids to aggressive type of cancerStudy shows uncommon HER2 missense mutations usually do not spread breasts cancer on the ownGraeme McRae, President & CEO of Bioniche Lifestyle Sciences Inc., commented, ‘The oligonucleotide system is another exemplory case of Bioniche’s capability to develop novel technology. Continue reading

When the virus encounters a bunch cell.

At the brief moment of illness, when the DNA has been shot out from the virus, the energy kept in the firmly packed DNA is certainly released and changed into thermal energy. Related StoriesJumping genes: a marker for early cancer analysis? As yet, just indirect measurements of the energy have been obtainable. They describe this brand-new technique in the Feb. 5 problem of the Journal of Molecular Biology. ‘We will be the 1st group to make use of titration calorimetry to review genome release from infections,’ Evilevitch stated. ‘In this study, we viewed viruses that infect bacterias, known as bacteriophages, as an experimental model system, but ITC may also be applied to other styles of viruses. Continue reading

At the New York Helmsley Resort in New York City.

Centene to sponsor seminar on medical administration system for institutional traders and sell-side analysts Centene Company today announced it’ll host a two-hour seminar on its medical management system capability for institutional investors and sell-side analysts on Monday, February 22, 2010, at the New York Helmsley Resort in New York City.m. Eastern Time and will add a demonstration of Centene’s real-time intelligence and analytics equipment for medical management. Space is limited, so only those that pre-register will become admitted. Continue reading